Mixtape Series: Rock Radar Volume 1

👆When music makes me feel like this, I know it’s special. It evokes pure joy. The Rock Radar mixtape series is a semi-regular collection of my favorite new and emerging bands. I’ve been creating these for myself as old-school, analog mixtapes. They’re time capsules of music discovery. Something to enjoy for years to come. And now, something to share with my friends.

I created this first one about 13 months ago, and some of these bands have blown up a bit since then, so they might not all be tracks you’ve never heard 🤣 But one thing is certain: They rock, and I love them.

HEY THREADERS, I’M LISTENING: I’ll be creating new Rock Radar collections in 2024, and some of your music will definitely be on them.

ENJOY! If you hear a song you love, go buy it, or buy some merch, or share the music forward with others who might dig it.

Rock Radar #1 On Spotify

If you want to dive right in, just press play on this Spotify playlist, but be warned you’ll only hear the full tracks here if you’re logged in and have Spotify Premium.

Song.Link URLs: Side A

But hey, not everyone uses Spotify! For your convenience, these are links to stream or buy each song on a number of streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer, Tidal, and Amazon.

  1. Turnstile: Mystery
  2. Cave In: Blood Spiller
  3. Gun: Backstreet Brothers
  4. Momma: Speeding 72
  5. October Drift: Webcam Funerals
  6. Long Distance Calling: Giants Leaving
  7. L.S. Dunes: Permanent Rebellion
  8. The Crew: One Voice
  9. Ginger Wildheart & The Sinners: That Smile
  10. The Blue Stones: Don’t Miss
  11. Joyce Manor: Let It Go
  12. PLTS: On & On
  13. Master Boot Record: 8086

Song.Link URLs: Side B

  1. Bartees Strange: Heavy Heart
  2. Bexley: Sick
  3. Neckscars: Jarring
  4. The Sewer Rats: Rejuvenate
  5. Wet Leg: Chaise Longue
  6. Nothing But Thieves: Real Love Song
  7. Mo Lowda & The Humble: Pearls
  8. Dan Andriano & The Bygones: Sea Level
  9. Beach Riot: Tune In, Drop Out
  10. VALERAS: Let Me Go
  11. Sick Joy: Don’t Feel Like Dying
  12. Reuben & The Dark: Timelapse Clouds

Cassette J-Card? Sure!

Want the cover art and insert for your own cassette mixtape? Here you go!


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